Ethical issues among the membership are handled by the Values / Ethics committee of the College. The committee functions in a facilitatory manner to the College in this regard.

The committee’s activities are based on the following Aim & Objectives


To assist the College of General Practitioners of Sri Lanka in it’s endeavour to maintain ethical standards of the membership and to facilitate good medical practice.


1. To develop and review guidelines on good professional conduct for   family doctors.

2. To discuss ethical issues and forward recommendations on same to the College council on a regular basis and as and when necessary.

3. To support the other organizations in the field of medical ethics.

4.To encourage, conduct and participate in research on medical ethics.

5. To create awareness on good family practice and medical ethics.

6. To organize teaching of medical ethics and etiquette

Re objective 1: The committee recommends that the members read /refer the book – ‘Advising ourselves about values in Family practice’, published by the College in November 2002. This gives all the necessary attributes to conduct yourself in the appropriate manner, professionally.

In the event you don’t possess a copy of this book you can buy a copy of same from the College office.

A soft copy of same is available in this section. See under the contents, given below.

Re objective 2: The committee will be preparing documents on ethical issues from time to time & have same in this section, under contents, after approval by the council & the membership. This may serve as an useful reference material for the members, as & when necessary.


Advertising by General Practitioners  (December 2014)

Advising ourselves about values in Family Practice (November 2002)

Code of conduct for Teachers and Learners (17th October 2014)

Email etiquette (October 2015)

Ethical Guidelines for General Practitioners on Relationship with the Pharmaceutical Industry (October 2015)

Medical Etiquette (8th March 2016)