Policy on Private Medical Education in Sri Lanka

Policy on Private Medical Education in Sri Lanka
While the College wholeheartedly supports private medical education in Sri Lanka it is the prerogative of the governments of Sri Lanka to decide whether private medical education should be permitted in Sri Lanka.

As policy our College supports private medical education which is regulated by Sri Lanka Medical Council and which is socially responsible and socially accountable.

Socially Responsible implies that private medical education should not adversely affect neither the free education system of the country nor the non-fee levying services of the ministry of health. Further more a significant number of underprivileged but deserving students should be accommodated free of charge by providers of private medical education in the country. It is also expected that service providing arms of such institutions will make available care that is free of charge to a significant number of poor patients.

Socially Accountability refers to the WHO recommended values of Relevance, Quality, Cost-effectiveness and Equity for medical schools. The College strongly recommends an additional value – Safety.