Free Medical Camp At Ittapana

Free Medical Camp At Ittapana

A free medical camp was help on Sunday the 11th of May 2014 at Colvin. R. De Silva MahaVidyalaya, organized by the NCD Committee of the General Practitioners with the help of the MOH Office of the area to commemorate “The World Family Doctors Day”.

A free health camp has been an annual fixture at Ittapana for the past five years.

Ittapana is a village, about 20-25 KM away Matugama which is accessible by the southern highway which exits into a scenic village road, leading to Ittapana.

This clinic attracted about 500 villagers from in and around Ittapana. The main focus was on health screening of elderly population above 35 years of age. Over 350 people were screened for Diabetes, Hypertension, Fasting Blood Sugar, BMI and Blood Pressure monitored after registration. Risk prediction was carried out and referred to family physicians who assessed, treated/referred and advised them.

Dietician Ms. Dinusha from wattala was advising on diets giving the participants the ideal opportunity to have their issues cleared.

A Concurrent Skin Clinic, Heath Education Clinic, Dental Screening Unit and a Well Women Clinic was also organized with the help of regional and local NCD and MOH Offices. Dr. Erandi, PHI Deeptha, PHI Wijeweera, a Matron, few Nurses and Mid-Wives helped out immensely.

A separate drug distribution area was manned by Pharmacist Damitha, Rukshi, Pathmakumaraand team.

Patients below 35 years were also seen by another team of doctors and treatment/referral was given accordingly.

The doctors who helped out Dr. Chamdraseka, Dr. Carmel, Dr. Preethi, Dr, Pushpa, Dr.Abaygunaratne, Dr. Eugene, Dr. Thivanka, Dr. Ashuboda, Dr. Dushyanthi, Dr. Muruganedan, Dr.Shobhavie, Dr. Sithira, Dr. Namassivayam. And a bus was organized from Colombo to the venue. The clinic went on from 8.00am to 2.00am.

The participants were served with a snack and a drink organized by the well-wishers, after screening for blood sugar.

The NCD committee is analyzing the results of screening and a report will be submitted to council on the outcome shortly.

A notable feature of the health camp was the helpful participation of teachers and students of daham pasela situated in the premises after sunday school had concluded.

My heartfelt gratitude goes out to all the doctors who participated, advised and extended a hand in organizing. Villagers, well-wishers, university students, village youth and medical representatives,torrent  pharmaceuticals who performed blood sugar screening, Halcyon pharma for arranging transport, MOH Officers  and Staff, The Principal and Staff ofIttapana School.

Shobhavie Kohombange